How to Get to 8-10% Body Fat with These Steps

fat free signReducing body fat is not that difficult, especially if you are overweight. However, getting to 8-10% body fat level is a goal that many are dreaming to achieve. It is a demanding task that requires unwavering determination, effort, patience, and knowledge.

Following the following steps will make your dream of hitting the 8-10 % body fat level a reality.

Cut back on fat intake

The first step to reducing body fat is obviously cutting back on fat intake. The wrong kind of fat intake will eventually result to fat gains. Consuming essential fats like omega 3 and omega six fatty acids will enhance metabolic functions hence promoting the burning of body fat.



Start off with Moderate Exercises and Gradually Increase the Intensity

The first and foremost way to reduce fat if you are overweight are to begin burning fat with moderate-intensity weight training and aerobics. The reason why you should start off slowly is to ensure that your body is not under too much stress in its early stages. Moderate aerobics will burn an enormous amount of fat if the intensity is kept at a 30-minute mark with 60 minutes being your eventual goal.

Moderate weight training will begin when in initial stages of training will help a great deal in fat loss. Make sure that moderate-intensity weight training and aerobics are done in the same program to ensure maximum results. After a while, you can gradually increase the intensity of aerobics and weight training exercises.

fat kid designReduce and Plan Out Carbohydrate Intake

Reducing carbohydrate intake means eating certain carbs at given times to attain fat burning effect. By eating complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, beans, potatoes, and oats will stimulate metabolism hence maximize the process of burning fat. Complex carbohydrates should be consumed before six p.m., while simple carbohydrates can be consumed after a workout.

Increase Protein Intake

The body prefers burning fats and carbohydrates to burning proteins to survive. By increasing protein intake, the body will first target the already stored carbohydrates and fats thus reducing body fat. Protein consumption also helps in building and repairing muscles tissue. Eating white meat like fish, chicken, and eggs reduce will help too.

Eat Often and Drink Lots of Water

Eating regularly up to 5-6 small meals a day, will help keep up metabolism and reduce body fat. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day is a critical step as it helps the liver in performing fat conversion process hence stimulate body fat reduction. The benefits of drinking a lot of water can not be belittled. Many people don’t even realize how important this part of life really is.



Use Supplements that Burn Fat

Fat burning supplements have a thermogenic effect which promotes faster rates of burning fat. You can achieve maximum results when using these supplements in conjunction with adequate training and diet regimens.

Stop Alcohol Consumption

Cutting alcohol consumption is the very important solution because it reduces appetite and testosterone levels which help in fat burning. When alcohol is consumed, it is converted into a substance called Acetate, which is used instead of fat to produce energy. Therefore, fat will end up being stored in the body.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training is a form of advanced aerobics that is stripped body fat at a faster rate. If you are determined, this type of training is among the most effective ways to attain the 8-10% body fat level. Following the above steps before the starting high-intensity interval training will ensure that that the training is fully utilized in the reduction of the last percentage of fat.

The weight loss benefits of HCA

Everyone wants to look appealing, to have that confidence in themselves, and feel comfortable with their body. Some of us are at peace with how we are, but some of us need a little help here and there to acquire that perfect body.

It doesn’t matter whether we have extra ten pounds or an overweight of 100lbs, we all try to shed it. This process should be done in a way that does not affect us or interfere with our lifestyles.

Lowers ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

gshgsshsgsasaasThe body contains two cholesterols, the LDL and HDL cholesterols. Hydroxycitric acid lowers the LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol and triglycerides in the body while raising the HDL ‘good’ cholesterol resulting to a healthy body. The ill effects of cholesterol in the body are numerous and can turn fatal unless addressed.

Increased Metabolism

HCA has been found to influence fat metabolism. Faster fat metabolism provides more energy for the body while at the same time ensuring that most of the fats you ingest are actually used up and do not end up in storage making you fatter.

Enhanced Athleticism

The increased fat metabolism increases the amount of energy that is available to your muscles thus making you more active. It also increases the amount of time that one takes to reach exhaustion during exercise.


Improved Mood

A good weight loss supplement should also make you feel great. Not only lose weight but also have a good mood. HCA which is an ingredient in Pure Cambogia Ultra stimulates the brain to produce serotonin which not only makes you less hungry but also improves your mood. You eat less, thus accumulating fewer fats while still feeling great.

It works in two simple ways to ensure that your weight loss regime is healthy.

  1. It prevents the enzyme Citrate Lyase which is a fat-producing enzyme from producing fats. This ensures that fewer fats are produced thus aiding in weight loss.
  2. It reduces the body cravings for food. It stimulates the production of hormone serotonin leading to reduced appetites and less cravings.
The bottom line

fgasgfas65asaghsasThe body is a precious machine that requires proper care and maintenance. Using HCA not only reduces your weight, but it also gives you a healthier happy life that is more fulfilling. By using HCA, you get the confidence, health, and glow you need to move through life.