Exercise Techniques For Weight Loss

Interested in achieving noticeable results within a short time? Get the best results by merging sculpting and cardio exercises into a single exercise move or workout. This shall allow you to burn three times more body fat or calories than with cardio only. You need to challenge your body in order to burn calories faster. Below are 5 exercise techniques for weight loss guaranteed to help you look fit and healthy.

Let’s shed those pounds


Building muscle is the most efficient way to lose excess body fat, burn hq34wgrcalories and also enhance metabolism steadily. Adding weights to your workout sessions will give you a more shapely, youthful and slim appearance. Begin with a set of 3, 5 or even 8-pound dumbells.Try using heavier weights as you get stronger with time so as to maximize your results.

Four-Limb exercises

Combine an upper body sculpting workout with one for your lower body to burn calories rapidly and also to save time. This technique tightens the thighs and hips, toughens the core and keeps your shoulders, chest and back firm while subsequently keeping your heart rate robust.

Muscle Confusion

To avoid plateaus and achieve continuous results, try alternating between heavy-weight intensity workouts and light-weight intensity workouts. Light-weight workouts burn a lot of calories. Heavy-weight workouts help to increase muscle that shall burn calories when you are not working out. It is a way of creating some form of “muscle confusion” to propel your body into achieving better and faster results. Incorporating a balancing element to your workout session can assist in burning calories quickly as your muscles shall have to work much harder so as to keep you fit and stable.

Light Resistance

You can achieve tons of cardio burning in a cardio workout by gradually slackening standing cardio moves and also adding simple arm movements as you hold the dumbbells. Moving both your lower and upper body simultaneously and adding some resistance, you can boost your heart rate greatly and burn more calories and fat without having to add extra time to your workout sessions.

ghj46j54eeInterval Training

There is a certain theory that states that if you maintain a constant intensity level during your workout, your body tends to switch into a fat-conserving mode immediately after working out. This can be avoided with interval workouts-adjusting your workout intensity level after every few minutes. Your body shall continue to burn calories and fat even after you are done with your workout. Try adding in some running or jogging bursts if you mostly walk and if you normally do aerobics, make sure to alternate your sequences frequently with slow muscle-toning moves and plyometric jumps. Read more about it here.

Is Natural Weight Loss Really Possible?

Everyone has a picture of their ideal look. In most cases, this will be a dream that many people have, and they will not know how to achieve this goal. People often find themselves overweight or obese due to the lifestyles they lead.

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