Can Your Job Affect How Much You Weigh?

cs3Is your job affecting your weight? It is a fact that a 9 to 5 lifestyle can ruin your health. You may realize that since beginning your current job, your pants are getting tighter each day.

It is estimated that over 40% of workforce gain weight since starting their current positions. Recent studies show that 59% of these gain over 10 pounds and 30% gain more than 20 pounds. The majority of the people believe that sedentary jobs are to blame, but there are several reasons your current employment may make it difficult to stay trim.

How your job affects your weight

Your fitness is not your company’s priority

Lots of progressive companies help set the tone for encouraging wellness of their employees. They do so by providing gym memberships, carving out workout space, and scheduling routine on-site health clinics. Other than these big companies, only 10% of large companies and 4% of small ones provide comprehensive wellness programs.

This does not mean that you follow suit. Try to encourage your fellow workmates to join a weight loss challenge. Click here to find out about supplements that can help you.

Taking frequent business trips

Business trips are associated with indulgent meals. Moreover, they come with a lot of waiting and sitting. Over 80% of corporate trips take place in cars. Travelers are bound to make a poor choice of foods. Studies show that people who use cars to work have high rates of obesity.

Since business trips may be unavoidable, you should buy healthy snacks. This can help you to avoid overindulging in poor diets.

Arriving late and staying late

If you work late, you will eat late and sleep late. All these lead to acquiring unwanted pounds.  Taking meals close to bedtime means taking in a lot of calories. Moreover, if you get out of office during late night, you will be the diminishing quality of your sleep. This will also increase your odds of gaining weight. Lights emitted by electronics in your office can affect your sleep quality. In fact, blue light emissions are bound to impair production of melatonin. This is a sleep hormone that makes it easy for a person to doze off.

It is advisable to get to work early and leave early. This will help you to eat early. In turn, you will have adequate sleep.

Influence from co-workers

People tend to conform to certain eating norms. This is the case when in social settings. You should try to be the odd person out. Ensure you eat healthy foods. Avoid eating high-calorie foods and toppings. If there are healthy-eating coworkers, you should align yourself to them.

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