How Detox Teas Became a Trend

cup of detox teaThere are all sorts of teas available on the market that’s supposed to help “detoxify” your body. Walk down any aisle in your local grocery store, and you’ll find hundreds of different teas. It has become a trend for people to get detox teas it this modern age.Although there are many pros to tea (when compared to soda and carbonated drinks), there are some cons as well. We’ll go over tea basics and what to expect.

In the world of tea, what you pay for is usually what you get. Only the best all-natural unbleached hand-picked teas can truly help detoxify your cells. Otherwise, you’re only putting more chemicals into your body that will add harm instead of help.

When shopping for tea, look for teas that are hand-picked. Otherwise, you risk metal contamination, as metal harvesters are used by many less expensive tea companies. Also, make sure whatever tea you buy doesn’t use bleach to brighten their tea bags. Only natural fibers should be present, and if you can find it, pure tea leaves are best.

Some teas are better than others for detoxifying the body. Teas that contain dandelion are some of the most potent liver detoxifiers available. Not only does it detoxify and boost the liver, but dandelion also boosts blood detoxification. Milk thistle is another liver booster, and it serves to protect the liver from further damage. Dandelion with milk thistle is the ultimate liver detoxifier and protector.

Peppermint tea is commonly available and helps detoxify the bloodstream. It improves circulation, which improves your body’s detox efficiency. Echinacea has a similar effect on the lymphatic system. Echinacea purifies the lymph nodes and forces toxins from your lymph into your bloodstream for excretion.



juicingFor your skin, ginger root and garlic are the most potent detoxifiers. Consuming these teas before exercise will maximize the detoxifying effects in your skin. You can also use it for everyday drinking because it’s ginger and garlic both force toxins to the surface of your skin. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and you can use this to your advantage to detoxify yourself.

Teas are great because they are easy to make, and you can take them anywhere. All you need is your basic tea bag and hot water. There’s also such a diverse selection of teas that there’s something for everyone. Tea also has health benefits on top of being an effective detoxifier. Tea contains beneficial antioxidants called polyphenols that have been shown to be a powerful anti-cancer agent. These polyphenols also help reduce cholesterol and may even help lower your risk of heart disease. And, for more weight loss tips from Pure Cambogia Ultra Source, go here :¬†

woman checking her waistlineSome of the difficulties surrounding tea include choosing the right tea for you, proper brewing and good enjoyment. When choosing beverages, you must make sure you know what herb you want and that you buy only high-quality leaves. For maximum health benefit from your tea, you must brew it properly. Proper brewing is accomplished with complete submersion for three to five minutes. Any less than that and your tea will not have any health benefits. Finally, when drinking tea, it’s important not to use milk or sugar. The casein within milk can bind to beneficial antioxidants and herbs, which negates the health effect of tea. Sugar is simply bad for you.

When you choose the correct tea and enjoy it properly, your body will get an instant detox boost. Tea is processed quickly in your body through your digestive tract, and its effects are almost immediate. This aids your body immensely and over time, the benefits of only tea compound.

Can detox help to lose weight?

Many people are trying their hardest so that they can get rid of the extra inches on their waists, but only a very few of them are successful in achieving their goals. Most of them are having a hard time shedding the fats in their bodies, and it seems like it is impossible to reduce their weight even by just 10 pounds. Because of this, some individuals are getting discouraged and frustrated. But don’t you know that a good detox program can actually help attain a desirable weight?

Detox for weight loss

ghshgsahgsahgasasA lot of people who are aiming to lose weight do not realize that there are toxic buildups in their bodies which are making the weight loss process extremely hard. The fat cells tend to attach themselves to the toxins, this is why it is very hard to get rid of them. Here is when the purpose of a detox program comes into play as it helps in eliminating the toxins so the fats can be flushed away.

It is true that the liver aids in this particular process. However, it won’t be that helpful if it is full of toxins too. But if this important organ is clean and healthy as it should be, it will surely help in expelling the unwanted fat cells.

Apple program

One of the simplest and most effective detox methods that you can take advantage of is the Apple program, which you can do up to seven days. A huge number of dieters have reported that this specific detox can cause rapid weight loss. Why? It is because Apple is a good source of Pectin, which is very helpful in removing toxins in the body like cadmium, lead, and mercury. Additionally, this fruit provides vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and other vitamins and minerals that can provide your body with more energy while you are losing weight.

Colonic cleansing

Another great way to lose weight quickly is through colonic cleansing. This process helps dieters to feel a lot lighter and energetic. It also slows down the aging process while cleansing the body of wastes and toxins. Through this method, the rotted food, and other waste products are flushed out from your body, and this makes the vitamins and minerals to be absorbed easily by your body.

gsagfsafasgsaIndeed, detox is quite helpful in attaining your weight loss goals. You have endless options if this is the route that you wish to take. As long as you choose a method that is safe and healthy, there is no doubt that you will be able to reduce your weight.