Does Better Sleep Help with Weight Loss?

Most people are confused as to whether sleep makes people gain weight or lose weight. According to numerous scientific researches, there is a consensus that sleep does actually help in weight loss. In one study for instance, that was published in Sleep journal, researchers examined the relationship between the BMI (body mass index) and sleep patterns in 1000 twins. The study showed that people who slept for 7.2 hours per night on average had lower BMI. On the other hand, those who slept for fewer hours had higher BMI. The point is that if you are trying to lose weight, sleeping is just as crucial as sweating yourself silly at the gym.

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So Why Does Sleep Matter?

There are two big reasons why sleep is so important for weight loss. The first one is the behavioral aspect.  The amount of sleep you get affects what you are likely to eat.  The second aspect has to do with metabolism ( Deprivation of sleep significantly changes what will happen to the food once you have ingested it.

How Sleep affects Cravings and Behavior

Countless studies have shown that if given a chance, sleep-deprived individuals will consume more food, and more so junk food. In other words, if you too are sleep-deprived, you will choose comfort foods for your diet. Sleep deprivation is also a big risk factor for overeating high-carb junk food and sugar cravings. In the end, you will put more weight and hence hinder your weight loss efforts.

How Sleep Impacts on Your Metabolism


When you are sleep-deprived, the following things happen:

Your body reduces insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity refers to the body’s metabolic capacity to deal with eating carbs. It uses them for energy instead of storing them under the skin in the form of fats. When there is reduction of insulin sensitivity, it simply means that your body will store food in the form of fat, and you will still be left hungry.

Your body alters gut flora composition: although no one has iron-clad certainty about the relationship between obesity and gut flora, we all know that a relationship exists.

Ample Sleep Ceases Late-Night Snacking

Staying awake for longer increases your chances of consuming calories that you actually don’t need. This alone is enough to make you gain 2 pounds a week, if a study by University of Pennsylvania is anything to go by. Over a period of 7 days, these researchers discovered that sleep-deprived individuals gained more weight compared to their sufficiently-rested counterparts. The main reason for this is that they consumed 550 calories at a time the other group spent sleeping.


It could be that you are doing everything right with your exercise routine and diet but if you cannot sleep for more than 6 hours a night, you will be sabotaging yourself. Your sleep pattern has a huge impact on your weight loss efforts. It not only reduces your body’s metabolic rate but also increases your chances of eating unnecessary calories at a time when you should be sleeping. If you are trying to shed some pounds, know that a chronic sleep debt won’t do you any good.

Can Your Job Affect How Much You Weigh?

cs3Is your job affecting your weight? It is a fact that a 9 to 5 lifestyle can ruin your health. You may realize that since beginning your current job, your pants are getting tighter each day.

It is estimated that over 40% of workforce gain weight since starting their current positions. Recent studies show that 59% of these gain over 10 pounds and 30% gain more than 20 pounds. The majority of the people believe that sedentary jobs are to blame, but there are several reasons your current employment may make it difficult to stay trim.

How your job affects your weight

Your fitness is not your company’s priority

Lots of progressive companies help set the tone for encouraging wellness of their employees. They do so by providing gym memberships, carving out workout space, and scheduling routine on-site health clinics. Other than these big companies, only 10% of large companies and 4% of small ones provide comprehensive wellness programs.

This does not mean that you follow suit. Try to encourage your fellow workmates to join a weight loss challenge. Click here to find out about supplements that can help you.

Taking frequent business trips

Business trips are associated with indulgent meals. Moreover, they come with a lot of waiting and sitting. Over 80% of corporate trips take place in cars. Travelers are bound to make a poor choice of foods. Studies show that people who use cars to work have high rates of obesity.

Since business trips may be unavoidable, you should buy healthy snacks. This can help you to avoid overindulging in poor diets.

Arriving late and staying late

If you work late, you will eat late and sleep late. All these lead to acquiring unwanted pounds.  Taking meals close to bedtime means taking in a lot of calories. Moreover, if you get out of office during late night, you will be the diminishing quality of your sleep. This will also increase your odds of gaining weight. Lights emitted by electronics in your office can affect your sleep quality. In fact, blue light emissions are bound to impair production of melatonin. This is a sleep hormone that makes it easy for a person to doze off.

It is advisable to get to work early and leave early. This will help you to eat early. In turn, you will have adequate sleep.

Influence from co-workers

People tend to conform to certain eating norms. This is the case when in social settings. You should try to be the odd person out. Ensure you eat healthy foods. Avoid eating high-calorie foods and toppings. If there are healthy-eating coworkers, you should align yourself to them.

Sports for getting in shape

Sports are a great way of staying in shape, and there is no doubt that those who are involved in a sport are physically fit and have more energy.

How sports can help you, stay in shapeefrgthya

As we all know, if you want to remain in good health, your body needs to be physically active, and you must exercise. However, not everyone likes to exercise or go to a gym only to workout.

Playing a sport is fun

When a person is engaged in a sport, they can have a good time as well. It is great in building team spirit and endurance. Many people get involved in a game so that they can lose weight. In fact, losing weight can be achieved without exercising but playing a sport.

Sports for losing weight

There are many different sports that can help you lose weight and many of them are track and field sports. Here are some great options.

  • Running
  • Hurdles
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • and other sports that give a great cardio workout

If you want to have fun while staying fit and losing weight, you should consider joining a sports facility that will allow you to engage in these type of activities.

When you take part in these activities, you will also gain more energy stay in shape, and if you do gain weight, it will be muscle mass which will give you a better body and all round health.

vfbghSports for those with limited abilities

People with mobility issues and limited skills can also play individual sports to stay fit and not put on weight; swimming is one great option. It helps create resistance with very low impact and at the same time be great exercise.

Weight loss

Staying at the right weight is important to your overall health. Therefore, you must make every effort to give your body physical activity. If you find yourself gaining weight and want to get rid of it in a way that is fun and not boring or tiresome a take up a sport that you like, and you will soon be able to see your body getting fit and slim.

A Good Healthy & Weight Loss Diet

We are what we eat, and this is rather true considering that our body needs nutrients to function properly and fuel us to perform our daily tasks.

Why is our diet important?ff456

In the past, people cooked good meals at home and often even took their home cooked meal to be eaten during their break at work or school. However, now people opt for getting a bite during their break from a fast food restaurant that does not put much effort into the nutrition of the food but only the taste.

Fast food and food that is cooked at restaurants, often contain additives, preservatives, carbs, sugars and flavor enhancers to make them tasty. They do this to ensure their patrons come back for more. However, this is not a good way to go as far as your health is concerned.

What are some bad-for-health food

Fried food

Any food when deep fried will contain a huge amount of fat and sugar as they will have a load of oil in them. They may taste great but they will not have any nutrients as many of they goodness is lost when food is fried.


Although eating a bit of sweet’s are acceptable, if one goes overboard on sweets they can end up gaining weight and diseases like diabetes. As with any other thing moderation is always advised when eating sweets.

Processed and pre-cooked food

Foods that come in cans or precooked microwavable meals are often made with preservatives that will extend their shelf life. Therefore, they are not good for your health. However, if you buy food that have a very short expiry, they may be acceptable as they will not contain any preservatives in most cases.

The good-for-health Food


Most vegetable like carrots, beans broccoli are excellent for health. they are best eaten raw. Boiling or cooking veggies can kill the goodness in them, and that is why fresh salads are a great way to stay healthy especially when trying to lose weight.


Many fruits are high sources of vitamins and minerals. Having fruits or a fruit smoothie for breakfast can give you all the vitamins and minerals you need for your day. Fruits like Avacado, Banana, and many others should regularly be taken to ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs.


Grains like wheat, barley, etc. are a great source of fibre for your body. It will help you have a good digestive system and build a healthy physique.

Always eat well to stay healthy and read more about how to mange your health naturally.